We Remove Appliances, Hot Tubs, And More In Allen

Next time you decide to upgrade a feature of your Allen home and don’t know what to do with the old items, consider No More Junk®. We will work with you to remove old appliances, hot tubs, mattresses, furniture, and more in a timely manner so you don’t have to store them for an indefinite period of time before finding a way to dispose of these items.

Appliance & Junk Haul Off In Allen

When you buy a large appliance, like a washing machine or refrigerator, most companies will not remove your old item for you. If they are willing to do so, they will charge you a high rate for this service and the entire item will end up in a landfill. At No More Junk®, on the other hand, we will haul off any old appliance you have for a minimal cost. We take the time to recycle whatever parts we can to minimize the amount of garbage in local Allen landfills. All you have to do is tell us which appliances you want to be gone and unplug or disconnect them for us ahead of time. That simple step allows us to be in and out of your home in mere minutes so you don’t have to be there for a large chunk of the day.

Our team at No More Junk® is also highly capable of removing an old hot tub from your property for you. Maybe you decided to upgrade to a newer model or your old one stopped working, or maybe you just decided to use the space for something else. No matter the reason you are getting rid of it, we are able to lift and maneuver even a bulky, heavy, and awkward item like a hot tub. This means you won’t get any scratches on your home from trying to fit the tub through a small door frame and don’t have to try to find some friends who are willing to risk straining their backs to help you take your old hot tub to a garbage disposal center.