Electronics Recycling And Junk Removal For Irving

No matter where you live, you tend to accumulate junk over time and Irving residents are no exception. Whether you live in the city or have a business there, you probably have at least an old appliance or piece of furniture that you have been holding onto for years without knowing why. Simply be getting rid of the junk that is taking up room and leading to clutter, you can free up space and suddenly find yourself with a roomy office, business, or home.

At No More Junk®, one of our most popular services is electronics recycling. Most people are vaguely aware that you shouldn’t simply toss old electronics into the garbage pile or dumpster because of their electrical components and batteries. That doesn’t, however, mean that you know what to do with them. The ideal is to recycle electronics since producing computers, phones, TVs, and other devices takes a large amount of resources.

Even if your computer stopped working 5 years ago or you have one of the first desktop computers that ever hit the market, our team at No More Junk® will be able to recycle the components that can be reused. We will then dispose of the rest of the components in the appropriate manner so they pose the smallest possible impact on the environment. We are happy to help you with any size job and have picked up just a few old computers and broken TV sets from residences. At the same time, we are prepared to deal with larger tasks and have cleaned out an entire office of old desktops with towers, monitors, and other accessories. As long as you know how much you plan on having us remove, we will most likely be able to get rid of it in just one trip so you don’t have to sit around waiting for us to come take care of your junk.