Safely Get Rid Of Electronics And Clutter In Richardson

With so many telecommunication companies in the city, it is no surprise that Richardson has an excessive amount of old electronics lying around. Between residents who like to stay up to date with technology and don’t know what to do with their old phones and computers and businesses that are constantly innovating, there is a constant influx of new devices. No More Junk® can help you get rid of the old electronics safely and in a way that reduces your impact on the environment.

Electronics Recycling & Junk Removal In Richardson

In Richardson, our company helps those who own homes, who rent apartments, and who run businesses all at the same time. We make it possible to responsibly dispose of old telecommunications equipment and other electronics by working with the appropriate organizations to recycle components that can be recycled. This allows us to reduce the waste that goes to landfills and minimize the future resources used by Richardson residents and businesses.

Electronic recycling is just one of our specialties at No More Junk®. We can also help you remove clutter of nearly any kind, including furniture, construction waste, mattresses, and even appliances or hot tubs. Businesses frequently hire us to get rid of old office furniture or couches from their waiting areas and the occasional refrigerator from the break room. Homeowners will ask to remove anything and everything. We are happy to get your old living room furniture before your new couch and table arrive. We can also get rid of your old washing machine and dryer or fridge with double doors. As with the electronics, we will recycle whatever components we can before putting the rest in a landfill. All we ask is that in the case of appliances and electronics, you disconnect them before we arrive so we can maintain the efficiency we pride ourselves on at No More Junk®.