Junk Removal & Haul Off In Dallas

You can rest assured that No More Junk® will offer you all the junk removal services in Dallas and surrounding areas to meet your needs. We are a full-service junk removal company for private residences, offices, stores, warehouses, construction sites, and more. There is no junk removal job too big or too small for our experienced professional crew.

We will speedily remove what junk don’t want — old furniture, cabinets, tree branches, worn tires, old appliances, electronic equipment, desks, office equipment, carpet, etc. The only junk haul off we dont provide are items hazardous to the environment like paint, oil, and chemicals.
To save you money, we ask that you unplug appliances to be removed.

We’ll remove all junk and thoroughly clean up once the truck is loaded. You can relax and watch, and you will have a totally clean environment ready for new stuff.
All you have to do is call (855) 666-6735 for a free, no obligation estimate. You will talk to real people at a real company. There are no buttons to push. We offer old fashioned dependable, personal service, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

When we arrive, show us the junk you want removed and our friendly professional crew will provide you with an upfront, all-inclusive price. We load all the items you want removed into our truck, and finish by cleaning up the area. We remove all junk and recycle everything we can. What is your junk may be another’s treasure. If there are just a few items, we may be able to estimate by phone.

Call (855) 666-6735 Today!  Fax: (972) 393-5579


Junk Haul Away Service