Junk Removal For Plano Offices, Schools, And Homes

No matter the type of property, No More Junk® can help you remove junk, clutter, and waste. This is great for annual cleanings of schools, offices, and homes and is also a convenient service when you plan on updating furnishings. Furniture removal, in particular, is a popular service in Plano and our team can easily take desks of any size off your hands, from children’s school desks to large ones used by the bosses of international corporations. No project is too large for No More Junk®; simply tell us how much furniture or other items you need removed and we can plan accordingly. We always try to haul away your junk in as few trips as possible to save you time and reduce costs, allowing us to pass on savings to you.

Furniture & Junk Removal In Plano

While furniture may be one of the most popular items we take from offices and schools, many also ask us to recycle their electronics for them. It can be hard to find the appropriate place to recycle these items so the parts that are in good shape can be reused. While homeowners may not want to drive an old TV or computer to a recycling facility, it becomes a matter of practicality for offices and schools. To keep the Plano school system in its top spot, it helps to use the latest technology and we can help by taking away all the outdated electronics such as old computers. Homeowners can appreciate the same services and we will take any electronics, regardless of age or condition; even the old VHS player that has been sitting in the back of a closet for over a decade.

Our team at No More Junk® can help with more than just furniture removal and electronics recycling. We also specialize in removing hot tubs, mattresses, appliances, and any other junk you have lying around.