Remove Your Junk In Flower Mound

With so many comings and goings in Flower Mound, it is no surprise that residents need a company like No More Junk® to get rid of their extra items before a big move. Even people who plan on living in the town for years to come can take advantage of our services during spring cleaning or when renovating their home. We will remove nearly any clutter in your home, with the exception of items such as chemicals and paint, which we can’t handle because of safety concerns. We can, however, haul away almost any other item you have lying around from boxes full of old books to stacks of tiles from your old kitchen to furniture or appliances. We can even take remove your old hot tub.

One of the most popular times for Flower Mound residents to hire our services at No More Junk® is right before a big move. This is when they go through their home and realize that they haven’t used certain toys, books, furniture, or appliances in years. Instead of paying to take them along and then finding a spot for them in their new home, it makes sense to simply have us remove them for you.

Flower Mound Junk Removal

Right before you move, you will also want to renovate your home. Whether you are renovating to boost the value of your home or because you plan on staying and what a change of scenery, our team at No More Junk® can haul away the construction scraps leftover from your project. We’ll take old tile, pieces of wood, bathroom vanities, carpeting, and more. If you plan on giving your Flower Mound house a new set of appliances, we will gladly remove the old ones for you as well. We can take items in any condition and we won’t charge extra if your item cannot be reused. We strive to offer reliable junk removal service to all Flower Mound residents so you don’t have to put up with clutter when preparing to move or in your daily life.