Removing Mattresses And Furniture From Your Lewisville Property

Anyone who has ever moved a mattress knows that they can be very awkward as well as heavy. Because of this, many people end up just leaving their old mattresses lying around in their Lewisville home until someone offers to take it off their hands or they end up moving. When you find yourself wondering what to do with your old mattress, call us at No More Junk®. We will haul away any mattress for a low price since we charge you based on the number of items.

In the case of broken mattresses that are past their prime, we will simply remove them for you and take them to the appropriate garbage facility. If the mattress is still in good shape and you just wanted to upgrade to a more comfortable one, we will take it off your hands and try to find a new use for it to help reduce our impact on the planet. With our help at No More Junk®, you don’t have to call up Lewisville authorities to see whether you can leave your mattress on the curb for garbage collection and then worry about hauling it there; we will take care of everything for you so you don’t have to look at that old mattress another day.

Junk Haul Off in Lewisville

Just like we can remove mattresses in any condition, including ones with stains, holes, and poking springs, we will do the same for other furniture in your home. Our team can haul away tables, chairs, bed frames, desks, bookshelves, wardrobes, dressers, and any other furniture you no longer want. It can be in good shape or have broken into several pieces. As with the mattress, we will only charge you for what we remove, making No More Junk® a practical solution for budget-conscious Lewisville residents. Contact us to learn more about our rates and schedule your mattress or furniture haul off.