Carrollton Junk Removal

Businesses and residential properties alike turn to No More Junk® to get rid of unwanted items in Carrollton. With several multi-national headquarters in the city, our team has the necessary experience to do everything from remove the old office refrigerator that has stopped working to get rid of all your office furniture or recycle the old computers in preparation for new ones. We offer the same services for businesses as residential properties so we can help you clear junk from commercial properties, offices, homes, and apartments.

In the case of construction sites, we can help you remove scrap materials. In the case of homes, we take old toys, garbage debris, and old furniture. From Carrollton offices, we will take old furniture and electronics. In fact, there are very few items that our team at No More Junk® will not get rid of for you, with the list only including paint, oil, and chemicals. This makes us a popular option for commercial, residential, and even industrial properties who are renovating their space or replacing their old furniture or appliances with new items that offer more features or efficiency.

Removing Junk In Carrollton

Hiring us to remove your junk ensures that it is done properly without putting more than is legally allowed by the curb. It also prevents the need for you to search for a location to leave larger items or figure out how to fit them in your car and take them there from Carrollton. You won’t have to carry a heavy refrigerator or old couch to the curb only to have it rejected by the local trash collectors. Instead, we will remove all items you no longer want quickly and safely, without any risk of injury to you or damage to your home. All you have to do is disconnect appliances ahead of time and take items you want off of furniture, such as bookshelves, you ask us to remove.